21 July 2012

More to pour into the store!

Well, happy day! More to pour into the store! This neat piece would be great as a dresser, funky buffet, counter, or entertainment center - love all the drawers.
Everything from Frenchy to primitive, farmy to industrial, we're bringing it all in...what's your style?
Chippy blue beauty - this larger cupboard is solid, functional, and oh so pretty!
Sale? sale? Did someone say sale? We're going to keep adding more treasures for a limited time, so check back often to get great-o dollar deals! 
He-llo! Great green bench from a restaurant...lub dub, lub dub - makes our hearts beat faster.
 This pretty little trunk floats our boat! Oh, the vintage paper interior is just spectacular!
Well, more on the way for Tuesday...we can't contain ourselves!

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