07 July 2012

Hot Stuff!

We've got some HOT stuff at the stores right now! Like this red and metal top table - a little pop of color gives it a lot of style!
Love this large lantern - for outdoor oasis chillin'.
Vintage wicker tea cart with wheels will have your sun tea brought right out to you on the patio, as you bask on your chaise with your wide brimmed hat, your Nook, and that swimsuit you look to-die-for in...show off those curves - you look fabulous, darling!
 Urns in the summer offer so many purposes - and what a pretty way to stay hydrated...
We're burning the popular Aloha Orchid today - gotta add some ambiance to the heat!

 We're just trying to chill...
and playing it cool today...
 Got any other bright ideas?
 And as always, there's more hot stuff comin' in the door next week! See you then!

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