21 January 2012

In with the old, in with the new!

Here at Sisters Garden and Bloom it's never "OUT with the old, in with the new" because we love 'em both! So, we'll bring IN the old and new...when it comes here it's new to us anyway...we want it all!New line of Illume candles in fresh scents like these gorgeous Gardenia candles...and as always they're soy.Hee hee - new HAND soaps! How handy! They'll give you a firm hand shake, plus they won't spread any germies!Oh, check out these vintage swivel stools!!! You could anchor these to the ground if you wanted, and the best part is...We've got FIVE of these bad boys!Yum! Illume candles in bamboo and agave scent...great packaging, too!At Sisters and Bloom, old and new mingle together, creating a unique language...we love these conversations.

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