05 January 2012

The Collections...

We love collections...and we love seeing what you collect - gathering bits and pieces over time adding a little pleasure and interest to all of your special displays at home! Here are some of our favorites that are everchanging as they make their way to your collections...People say our flower frog collection is quite extensive, and we get new ones in almost every day...and our creative customers find so many uses for them in their own homes - it's such fun seeing them starting or adding to their collectionThe butterpat - we love seeing customers sift through all the different kinds, ages, patterns and colors of these, picking their favorites. And to hear how they'll use them is wonderful - some people are now using them again as their intended purpose - as each guest at dinner has a pat of butter at their place setting - fun!Love a collection of old dishes, or old photographs,
and old religious statuary and ephemera.
We have odds and ends like door knobs, hinges, hooks, drawer pulls and knobs, castors and more - not only do we like the look of a pile of hardware, you never know when you'll need a piece!We love chippy paint spindles and trim pieces, old, colorful seed packets,random numbers and letters,a great display of glassy perfume bottles and atomizers,
or a big pile of beautiful jewelry!Check out these vintage monopoly pieces - these are the real deal! Did you always get to pick your favorite piece or were you often stuck with the iron or wheelbarrow? People are always reliving those wonderful memories.What about a collection of milk bottles and a cute book about Polly's Milk Route,or birdhouses,a lovely pile of books, or the look and feel of vintage flash cards? We enjoy the collections that come and go through our doors, and what we love the best is knowing that each item we see, now gets to be another addition to your treasured collections!

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