25 July 2009

White Surprises

White is wonderful! Neat, neat column to set a large fern or plant on, little end table, and large cupboard all swirled together in creamy goodness . . .
Hillhouse Naturals - paperwhites diffusers - love 'em.

At this time we have three white harvest tables just waiting for the perfect homes!

White is bliss . . .

White muslin strips with jewels-a-plenty . . . for us - a great curtain.

The Fresh Linen line is as fresh as you can get.

Old ceiling tiles - one of a kinds. Oops . . . some just sold - 2 left!

Conservatory with statues and fountains and - what? Oh yes, more glories of the white nature.


A Wild Thing said...

Ooooo, I'm likin' it...what is it about white that just feels so summery...I guess it's fresh and clean and crisp, makes you want to open the windows and let in the warm breezes of a season that's all too short!

We'll take what we can get!

Jeanne Oliver said...

I am drooling...this shop is amazing!!!

cconz said...

It all looks beautiful barb. I wonder what i've missed this month, since i haven't been down to see you.