13 December 2011

Let there be LIGHT!

Especially at this time of year, the sparkle and twinkle of beautiful lights is such a treat - inviting us to share in the magic of spreading light in the darkness...And there is something special in a piece from the past that is cherished by a new age of believers of true beauty

Like this gorgeous petite iron lamp with a shade made from delicate peacock feathers - and as the light changes, the feathers pick up different colorings that make this one all the more glorious.
From table and floor lamps to wall sconces to chandeliers - we're always on the look out for an unusual or eye-catching piecethat may or may not need a little TLC...beauty is in the eye of the beholder.We love these decorative battery operated candlesto taking already amazing lights, like this chandelier, and dressing them up like this one placed in a metal farm piece.
to these jute wrapped chandeliers, to these great round globe shades - we placed one on a bucket with a light inside - wouldn't it be neat to have both setting on buckets, barrels or urns? Yes, please! You see, we get so excited by a simple, romantic glow...We'll keep searching for the one of a kind pieces that bring excitement and joy...to transform a space with a little more sparkle...let there be LIGHT!

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