08 December 2011

Jingle Around the Clock!

We're moving in, moving around and jinglin' around the clock!Goodies everywhere that jingle with homemade happiness! Look at this lovely quilt that is filled with hand-stitched love!
Oh, biscotti candles...warmth of the season!Lookie at these cute cookies...white prism-y chandeliers with glass tear-drop prisms.Check out this perfectly chippy gate stancion from a park behind the fabulous jewelry tree! It would be so good as wall art or a head board or in a play area, or so much more! New frosted mercury glass products that are such great gifts!Loving these worn candlesticks perfect for your holiday entertaining...we have so many new and wonderful things in-store just right for all your gift giving - spread the merriment of the season and jingle around the clock!

1 comment:

luvsclassics said...

Hi, Your shop looks like so much fun to walk around and browse. I wish I lived closer to your state! I'd love to decorate with some of these pretty things.