01 December 2011

Holiday Happiness!!!

Open the treasure boxes, gather the gumdrops, and dance with delight...Christmastime is here!

We have the vintage ornaments, bead garlands, tiny trees, snowy houses and shiny odds and ends to dazzle your home!

Wine bottle sleeves for fun gift giving! Fill your trunks, and your cupboards and your dresser drawers with a bounty of ornaments! Oh, little mouse, what are you doing in my house? Waiting for Christmastime, too?Come find joy in our shops...our elves are busy getting ready for Christmas at Sisters' with more presents to bring every day!Christmastime is here! Oh, let holiday happiness live...live in happiness this holiday!

1 comment:

A Wild Thing said...

WOW...it makes me almost want to enjoy the holiday...you girls have made it very tempting for a passerby, like none other, Sister's Garden and Bloom R.O.C.K...!

See ya next week!!!