20 December 2011

I want to buy that!...

Oh yes...what joy we're having with everything in-store, just thinking about all the possibilities when items large and small get new homes!This picture doesn't do it justice, but this white bench and white distressed table are so good! Wouldn't this be a fun pair?!Love these simply snowy ornament picks perfect for package tags or peeking out of the Christmas tree

Bird chandeliers!!

Remember we just keep putting out Christmas as it comes in, because it's so very nice

And for everyone who's been asking, here are the pieces that would be GORGEOUS for the bathroom, the kitchen island...or even the entertainment center - can you imagine your TV on this 6'2" long counter, popping in "It's a Wonderful Life", grabbing a stack of blankets from this massively amazing cupboard and cuddling up for a magical Christmas night! Oh yes!

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