25 October 2012

Fall Finds

We're feeling all that's fall today...all that makes us a little cozy, all that invites us to relax in the season...
the natural colors,
a sumptuous Cinnamon Beignet candle,
and a little vintage fun.
Glittered acorn and leaf ornaments to add a little something just about anywhere,
and a picture entitled "The Farmer's Home - Autumn"...it's all how we bring fall into our homes.
A pile of pumpkins,
captured colors,
and scents of decadence...autumn's pleasures.
Pumpkins on the softer side,
flora dried,
low light,
and please don't forget the pie.
It's all about the details that make ordinary things extraordinary in their own simple ways.
We hope you're enjoying this fabulous fall - embracing the sights, sounds, scents, and most of all the serene moments that bring it all back to home.

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