01 November 2012

The swaying of the season...

Another gorgeous day here in the country, going with the swaying of the season, moving to the breeze and the sun, and all the treasures that delight our senses...like this three piece skirted iron and wicker patio set...how sensational.
These original paintings almost invite us in...to rest awhile under the dark branches.
What a curly-q glass flower frog! Hee hee!
Pretty patinas...such pleasure.
 Just in case you needed to know...
Oh, the mash of old colors and texture that aren't the expected, and yet - they somehow seem like home.
 Vintage creamy colored, metal dresser with mirror - has that industrial styling that we love so.
We have a deep affection for worn terra cotta pots - to know the small life that's lived in them is a great gift to us - quite a remarkable little miracle.
The vintage hat for the feather lover's fantasy...the mix of colors definitely intrigues with coppers, purples, blues, black and greys...people on the street will say, "Wow, Lady, now that's a hat! I'm gonna tweet that!"
 These girlie heeled boots will bring out the urban cowgirl in you!
 And even as a simple garden chair embraces a small pumpkin, this season gently sways on as we rest and relax in it for a few moments of earthly pleasure.

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