23 October 2012

A little seed...

Sorry we haven't had pictures 'a plenty lately...we've been updating our computer so bear with us. Lots of unique treasures in store like the selections of vintage seed packets, flower seed display boxes, French seed labels, horticulture literature, and more...to plant a little seed.
These old seed display boxes are simply remarkable!
Oh, and look at these beauties...gardening cards found in tobacco and cigarette boxes...how interesting!
Soft yellow gourds, dried sunflowers, buckets and baskets, and a lovely square wicker table...all the wonderful ways fall comes in.
Old French seed labels that are so simply gorgeous.
Ah, the colors of coleus - and in the background the box shows how to set up the display :)
Oh my, Page's Seed Box is absolutely incredible! Love, love, love!
It all begins with a seed...what a glorious little thing.

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