13 October 2012

A touch of the mysterious...

We are dead serious when we say new items are arriving each and every day...a lot of the wonderful - and as of late, some fabulous treasures with just a tinge of mystery...
Scents of estranged soaps - Queen of the Nile, Moonlight Tuberose, Twilight in the Woods and more...fortunately your sniffers will be happy to find these scents to be anything but scary...just a little dark luxury.
Okay folks, of course the photo doesn't do them justice but these are a must see - two pairs of black lanterns to make you swoon!
Black fireplace mantel just in! It measures approximately 56" long, 39 1/2" tall and 10" deep - ready for all the cold nights that will be blowing in soon...
Gorgeous gates and fencing pieces in now...caution for all who enter...
What a beauty!
Vintage hat...happy days are here again!
Hello crow.
 Now, you have to see this one to believe how beautiful it is! Rounded marble sink that is functional with all its pieces plus the large mirror, two gorgeous front legs, and...dates back to the 1800's where it was first used in a Des Moines mansion...humunah, humunah, humunah...to say the least.
 Double vintage chandelier - oh, that glass is gorgeous!
Welcome home autumn with the most amazing Chestnuts and Brown Sugar candles!
Okay, now get your oogily googily eyes over here to see all we've been working on! Much to be enjoyed, much to take home, and much to make your own...all with just a touch of mystery.

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