27 March 2014

Put a little SPRING in your step!

It may not be green outside yet, but that doesn't mean we can't GET READY to live a little...OUTSIDE again!
We've just gotten in tons of fabulous new GARDEN GOODIES like these watering globes that'll keep your plants refreshed!
Hop to it! 'Everybunny' needs a friend!
We are fans of BOTANICALS...like a softly colored chalkware glory like this! 
It's high time to be ready to sit outdoors!
And start some seeds under a beautiful sea glass colored cloche!
Gather your goods for some gorgeous outdoor living spaces! After all that digging and planting, you're gonna want a place just to relax!!
Let the music lead you, and get CREATIVE!
SPRING calls for color, and freshness, and all things that remind you of NATURE!
Find those one-of-a-kind pieces that will make your spaces unique and inviting,
because it's soon going to be time to OPEN UP the doors, breathe in a big whiff of fresh air, and put a little SPRING in your step!!!

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