31 March 2014

March in to spring at Sisters and Bloom!

There are many new treasures since last we met!
New furniture like this frenchy white, glass door cupboard just waltzed in the door!
You'll definitely want to pick up the premiere issue of Flea Market Outdoors! It has some amazing ideas for your outdoor living spaces...and our little Glass House is featured in it beginning on page 26!
You wanna stay and PLAY awhile in this wonderful warmer weather? We'd love it!
Beautiful new garden decor to help you march right in to spring!
Lots of new displays in both stores, and we're hauling in more this week!
And great, unique furniture pieces you'll want to unearth!
Well fancy that! She's able to be OUTSIDE for a change...we are ecstatic about all that spring is bringing!!
 We can't wait for you to find your perfect treasures as you shop, because we wanna jump for joy and march right in to SPRING at Sisters Garden and Bloom!!!


Curtains in My Tree said...

I really like the brown and white calico cup & saucer.
I have the entire set of blue & white calico and maybe 2 cops in the brown

Unknown said...

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