12 March 2014

Chirp a little happiness!

Chirp a little happiness today because spring is on its way!
Let's get right to it with lavender!!!! We LOVE lavender!
We can't wait to show you all the things, large and small, that we're chirping about around here!
Need some coolio shades for spring? We've got some cute ones!
Verbena makes us happy!
It's gonna be a chirpy kind of day when you incorporate O Olive Oil in your kitchen! Vinegar and olive oil in gorgeous bottles that will make your recipes so bright and refreshing! This is definitely a must-have for spring!
And if you love pearls, you'll love this new line of jewelry that's made of one of the ocean's most beautiful jewels. In each unique bracelet and necklace, the pearls are united with hand rolled leather, and created by the designer herself!
And we're chirping a little happiness today, because spring is well on its way, and along with it comes gardening! Rejuvenate your hard-working skin with Burt's Bees Toner or Crabtree and Evelyn's Gardeners therapies...you'll thank yourself! 

No time to keep lollygagging around, because we have lots to do and lots more to show you! Stop in today so you can chirp a little happiness along your way!

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