12 July 2013

The goodies are pouring in!!

So many wonderful things to treat yourself to...there's "sumpthin special" in treasures you'll find here!!!
 Our Linnea's Lights candles are too good to pass up. We've added several new scents to our collections of Grapefruit, Wild Fern, Sea Salt, Cashmere, Lavender, and more!
 Furnitures are good, good, good around here! Come think outside the lines, and find your fav's!!
 Our Illume candles will push your buttons to "instant happy"!! Scents like Pineapple Cilantro, Thai Lily, new Cactus Verde, new Tangerine Teakwood, and more will send you dreaming of wonderful places. And a beautiful customer of Sisters' has a fab idea by burning the glass jar candles and then using them as drinking glasses!!! Outside the lines...yes, yes, yes!!
 There are too many goodies to choose from!!! You just gotta see it to believe it...
LIVE what you LOVE

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