30 July 2013


When you've discovered something undoubtedly fantastic, it is...found. When your creativity speaks to your heart, you are found, too.
 Everything that takes up space, has a place, and reason for its creation...whether it's something you value or if it merely exists just to brighten your day, it has been found by you.
Those found treasures welcome you,
and help give you a place to call home.
Some found things can be duplicated, and with others there will only ever be ONE.
With found things you have to make them your own, make them valuable to you...even if your're the only one who will ever think they have value.
We love to share our found things with you, new and old...we love knowing our found things will become your found things, too.
Treasures like these don't ask to be found. They are simply there to be gathered together, inviting us to peek through the windows of one another's souls. Be found.

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Bohemian said...

Gorgeous... all of it!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian