18 July 2013

HOT Treasures are In!!!

It may be toasty out there, but it's never too hot to shop, right?! 
We have been bringing in great finds this week, and to top it all off, we want you to join us for our
$1.00 SALE!!!!
Fri., July 19, 11 am - 5 pm and Sat., July 20, 10 am - 5 pm
We'll have a table full of treasures marked at one little dollar!
Can you believe it?!! Fun finds that will be just a buckaroo!
Come by this weekend for HOT treasures, HOT $1.00 items, and hotness all around!!
You absolutely must see this cement urn - it's tall, and big, and oh, so good!
We have great selections of chairs right now, so everyone has a comfy cushion to sit on.
Can't resist little sparkling jewels...
HOT pieces of furniture in that give you lots of options for thinking outside the lines!
These are just bits and pieces of the whole show going on at our stores!!! Come for the fun, leave with your treasures, and welcome them home!
Much to do, much to buy, much to love for a HOT JULY!


Mya.L said...

I want that small settee and chair with a heart-shaped back!

Bohemian said...

So many of the Vignettes speak to my Soul... what Great Styling!

Dawn... The Bohemian