11 April 2014

New Life at Sisters and Bloom!

There's lots of new life at both of our stores, Sisters Garden and Bloom! The weather is warming, and growth is beginning all around!! So it's time to prepare for all that spring is bringing!
We have new furniture pieces that are unique and functional!
New, large, galvanized buckets with rope handles will be perfect inside or outside!
We have new and old planters, urns, totes, buckets, columns, plant stands, and so much more to help you get planning!
And we're celebrating scents like LAVENDER with these gorgeous Park Hill candles with cloche...perfect for indulging or giving...one for me, one for you!
We're getting cuckoo with spring fever!!
It's the season for park benches and we have several right now for your picking pleasures!
Many large and small pieces of furniture that we love, and we know you will, too!
There's NEW LIFE being unearthed at Sisters!