08 April 2014

Eye Candy at Sisters!

Hey there, ho there! Boy, do we have some fun things going on in-store!! We're gearing up for spring, and with it comes loads of treasures you simply must see!!!
This 28" tall, floral and swan vase is dreamy!
Treasures from Park Hill have arrived like these irresistible galvanized trays and totes, buckets, lanterns...the list goes on and on...
...and when it does, it can be really hard to make decisions! We want it all!!!
New treasures inside and outside...stuff that's ready to go, and stuff that's gonna be just the thing you need for that perfect spring project!
Like this darling, narrow door that measures only 24" wide. Or what about these porch posts, or this tall bird house? What projects are you excited to do that will really add a statement piece to your house and garden?
You are our peeps. These are also our peeps. ☺

Unusual and wonderful finds for you! But don't take our word for it...get your eye candy here, and then come see for yourself! See ya soon!

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

How I wish I lived closer! I'd hustle myself over for those lockers....and the galvanized tray...and the wooden door...and...