15 February 2014

It's gonna be an amazing year!

We have more EXCITING news to bring you this year! Not only is Sisters Garden 20 years old...our little Bloom is growing up, too! Bloom has been established for 15 years, can you believe it??? Happy days all year long!!!
We wanna treat you throughout the year with amazing finds, surprises, and many days of hip hip hooraying!
You love what we love, and we love what you love...and we want you to FEEL LOVED!!!!
Cold much?
Well, we want you to come right in, and take a few moments to retreat and treat yourself...
We wanna keep you chipper!
And filled to the brim with happiness!
Surprises within our stores await you around every corner all year long!!
We want you to come find your inspirations at our home and make it cozy in YOUR HOME!
Loving what you love is our PASSION...and these SISTERS want to serve you!
We're still who we set out to be when we began...and we THANK YOU for sharing in the Sisters Garden and Bloom family!!
This year BE LOVED at Sisters Garden and Bloom!!!!

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