27 February 2014

Fresh and Fun for February!

We have some Springtime fun awaiting you for your next shopping extravaganza to Sisters Garden and Bloom!!! It may be frigid out there, but we have two stores packed FULL to spread a little sunshine and warmth your way! STOP when you can SHOP! We can't wait to have you!!!
New delightful cookbooks and other inspirational readings have us enamored!
And to get you started cooking new recipes, we have some fun kitchen utensils that will be happy to help you...like these pie birds that are so sweet and fabulous!
Little measuring glasses for those small amounts like tbsp, tsp, oz, and ml...
Basting brushes, funnels, coffee scoops, tongs, rolling pins, and rolling pin recipe holders!
We're ready for big time warming...so we're bringing out the COLOR!
New "butter keeper" jars will keep your butter fresh longer!
Gotta get yourself some of the new, divine smelling soaps!!
 We've gotten a ton of NEWNESS in, and there's always more coming! Ready for something FRESH and FUN??!!! Stop by today!!!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

252I want a butter keeper that has it written in red! Can you do that for me?

Can you ups it to me in CA?

I absolutely love it!

Thanks so much!

Liana OBannon