17 December 2013

May Your Christmas Be Ever Happy...

We wish you happiness and delight at this special time of year!
We have Holiday Spice and other fabulous winter scented candles to bring 100% merriment to any gift!!
These wooly warm owl ornaments are our version of a muppet Christmas...hoooo you lookin' at??!!
We have "dynamite deals" going on right now with select winter apparel 30% off, winter greens at 50% off, and a variety of furniture and goods are all on major SALE just in time for gift giving!!
New! Votivo's Hard to Get and Hot to Handle are two new perfumes in our repertoire!
Light up the night...with Twinkle Lights!! We have different kinds for you to add a dash of sparkle everywhere!
Great FINDS to be found by YOU!!!
We have many new and old lighting varieties like this amazing wooden bead chandelier! Sweet!! Good luck stuffing this one under the tree!
Unearth your secret treasures at SISTERS this Christmas season with gifts you'll dig!! May your Christmas be EVER HAPPY!!!

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