02 December 2013

Lots in for a GREAT WEEK at Sisters!!

We have LOTS of fabulous merchandise in this week!!! Do not fear if certain pieces call out your name, that's perfectly normal around here! Check out the pics we have featured, and then stop by Monday - Friday, 11 - 5 and Saturday 10 - 5!!
This beauty of a loveseat found its way to us today, and it is SUBLIME. It's one of those you really do want to cozy up in...or you may want to take a seat on the other side of the room so you can admire this one!
New Hillhouse Naturals Evergreen Seedlings candles are mello and fresh...just what we like!
We have a number of wooden deer mounts in various styles and sizes...each one is unique and crazy good!!
Dynamite deals and dynamite treasures abound...newness around every corner!!!
Fill up a big ol' bag of pine cones before they wheel on outta here!
Gorgeous new library table just in...oh me, oh my, so hard to choose!
Aloha Orchid is a winner even in Winter! Try it in festive mercury glass and lavish the sparkle!
Gather your "found treasures".....like Hillhouse Naturals Christmas candle...spicy and soft all rolled into one!
Our sparkle picks, sprays, and wreaths are the best!
If you're looking for vintage ornaments, you've definitely come to the right place! They're all over both stores...look high and low, everywhere you look, they glow!!
 See what we mean? Time to stop by! Gather the one-of-a-kind gifts you can't always find just anywhere. Whether you find something big or small, you'll be glad you came. And we're always glad to see you, too!!! Make it a Sisters day!

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