23 May 2013

What's your style?

What's your style? Do you love industrial and decor that's a little rough around the edges?
Do you love working hard in the garden, and then enjoy some pampering?
Do you have a frenchy, feminine side?
And are you a little eclectic?
Do you crave the fresh?
And long to bring the outdoors in?
Do you have a variety of collections?
Or stick with just one and make it a statement?
Are you inspired by white?
Or do you decorate with the unexpected?
Do you have to have a place to call your own where you can lie down and dream a while?
How do you bloom?
What inspires you to create?
What makes you happy?
Whatever your style, surround yourself with the inspirations that move you, that bring you great excitement, that let you just "be" for a moment...at Sisters' & Bloom we love helping you FIND YOUR JOY!!!

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