14 May 2013

This Heat Wave's Sizzling Stuff!

It's hot, hot, hot out there, and it's hot, hot, hot inside, too! We're loving this summer-like heat with goods like this vintage rattan chair and summer wear pillows...woo hoo!!
Great big bins, buckets, watering cans, ladders, pictures, cloches, and wire baskets...
Would you like to know what we're hauling in? A little bit of everything! This industrial ice chest is ready for your home! And Coca-Cola collectors anyone? Just really good pieces right now that we can't wait for you to discover!
We're diggin' all things SPRING!
Redo and renew with our lily of the valley bundles, great pieces of pottery, glass compotes, and fabulous vintage pictures!!
Stack your collections high...the more the merrier!
Be playful with glass...pile treasures inside, outside, under and around your favorite glassware for a new way of seeing the creative. 
Be bold! Grab a great piece, and make it a statement!
Sip it in something pretty.
Gather the goods in colorful displays that spark feelings of happiness!
We've got stuff that's sizzling!!! It's hot, hot, hot...time to shop, shop, shop!

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