09 January 2013


Hey all, good news! Well, not news - good magazine! We're IN - Vintage Style Magazine that is!!!
You'll find us starting on page 39 of the current issue of Vintage Style, and thanks to the great team at the magazine, there's a wallop of pictures featuring our glass garden house and the fun we have in it! They liked it, so you will, too! There's always a new energy with each changing inspiration around here, and all of you make it thrilling to see how you'll make all these treasures sing with beauty in your own homes!
Absolutely go out and pick up your copy of Vintage Style Magazine for tons and tons of creative ideas, "rethinking and repurposing your vintage gear", and check out our glass house article! Then, with magazine and measuring tape in hand, come and see us for new thoughts and all creative dreamings - adventure awaits at Sisters' Garden & Bloom!!!

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Brandon Woline said...

So exciting! Very cool! Congratulations!