24 April 2015

Time for a Garden Party!

It's time for a garden party!
A "Rhubarb on the Farm along with Mr. McGregor's Garden" story coming up
FRIDAY, MAY 8th...10am - 5pm
Event and story begins...As you walk through the pages of our farm and store layout, our "guest characters" in our first event of our 2015 story will be food artist KARA LOWDEN and fanciful & quirky gardner TONI RUSSO.
They will present garden attire and ideas, lunch, eats, and rhubarb recipes, Mr. McGregor's garden displays and ideas for purchases!
This event's plot will thicken with our over.the.top FLAVOR both inside and outside our two stores. 
Find a "bunny" on our outside garden grounds, and attached will be surprises for you to enjoy. We have to help Mr. McGregor catch these bunnies!!!
Come for.....flavor. farm. fancy. food. fun. Hoppy happy fun coming up May 8th!!! Stay tuned...more to come......

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Drew Watts said...

Garden parties are so much fun and it is also a best way to party in a healthier way. Anyway, I also want to throw a party at venues San Francisco and want it to plan like a garden party. Can you tell me how it is possible?