09 June 2014

Craving Good Things...

If you're craving good things, it's time to visit us! We have so much great merchandise in right now, and more to come!
Isn't this window AMAZING??!!! We'd love to see the house it came from!
Wouldn't this stone bowl be perfect on a dining table? Love!
Get a little "sumthin special" when you're here!
This is a Prado Argentino 8-piece set that has FABULOUS written all over it!! 
And don't forget the front door! This tall door has old, wavy glass, great detailing, and would make a stunning focal point!
If you're craving good things, it's definitely gonna be time for you to stop by! Changes are happening, new merchandise is coming in (like always), and this is a perfect week for gathering the goods!


Rebecca said...

It was very hard for me to get past the SHUTTERS! I SO like the rounded tops on that first set! When I can charter a jet, I'll be there :)

Sisters Garden and Bloom said...

Thanks so much, Rebecca! But forget the jet, and bring your truck instead...we'll get you some shutters☺