14 May 2014

What a Festival of Lovely Things!

We thank you so much for being a part of our Spring Market...Festival of Flowers & Lovely Things!!! It was simply wonderful to see all of you and your favorite gatherings from the stores!
Thanks Cheryl and Cheryl for being so artistic, and spreading your beauty throughout our open house!!! The Glass House was transformed into such a magical spot with your goodies and fresh flowers!!
Until the next big shindig, we'll be bringing you one of a kind finds every day because IT'S SPRING!!
A new line of candles has just arrived, to grace our stores with amazingly fresh scents such as Lilac, Hibiscus Thai Palm, Earth, Hydrangea, Pink Sugar, and many more...
And we're THRILLED to introduce a new candle in this line exclusively made for Sisters Garden and Bloom called GROUND...the scent of spring flowers popping out of the fresh earth! It's yummy, but don't take our word for it! This candle is now available in four and twelve ounce sizes, for your sniffing pleasures!
We have LOTS to do now that the Spring Open House is but a happy memory...we'll be bringing in new merchandise daily with new displays and new inspirations! New, new, new!
 We'll see you for SPRINGTIME AT SISTERS!!!

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