19 June 2013

Passions for...

An unknown author once wrote, "She loved life, and it loved her right back".
Our passions guide us and move us, they lead the soul to an unabashed happiness...what's yours?
Is it the pursuit of knowledge?
Is it relaxing while sipping something pretty?
Do you love COLOR?
Does it make your heart skip a beat for nature's little miracles?
Do you have plans for your passions? "It is never too late to be what you might have been". George Eliot
When you find yourself dreaming of far away places,
and thinking about what could be possible,
it's time to leave your mark on this world and LIVE WHAT YOU LOVE!
Get yourself gussied up!
Life should be FUN!
Don't take a back seat anymore, because your passions are LIFE GIVING!
Have your chocolate on occasion, and don't you dare feel guilty...
Get outside and see where nature's passions take you!
Don't take yourself so seriously...no one else does.
Surround yourself with beauty...
and remember that life is fragile, so be passionate about the important things.
Whether you're a little rough around the edges,
or looking for a good home,
this big ol' world's gotta seat reserved just for you.
 Whatever you have a passion for...embrace it! You're so worth it! Find your passion...and go live it!

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