18 April 2013

April Showers Bring More Goods!

April showers have been abundant (to say the least!) so we're jumping-up-and-down excited for all of May's flowers! And until those pop up, we'll just keep bringing in more goods! Take a peek at some of the fun happening in-store!
Put your old paint brushes to good use in other ways!
It's potting table season!
Isn't she a beaut?! This large pitcher and bowl set is OLD! Ugh! We love!!!
Hello Hoosier!
Tables and cabinets, totes and books, dishes and candles...lots, lots, lots!
Isn't this pretty in pink?!
Terrarium time!
Faux bois cast iron legged bench - oh my!
 Well, ta ta for now...we've gotta bring in more goods before it rains again!!!

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