04 September 2012

Passing around a little love...

We're thrilled about these Love Beads...large beaded strands with symbols of hope and of course - love! To lay around your decor as reminders of the most important things - for your home.
Much ironstone and transferware!
Holy Toledo! What a scale...and we'll take the Epiphany candles, too...
What a great statement - simple lined, longer fireplace mantel with a lot of sophisticated details.
Lots of curtain tie backs in store right now - glass, metal, plastic, and in exciting styles, too!
This cupboard is classic - so good - the stripped wood gives it a gorgeous patina, but in case you were up for a project, would take on a new life in a different finish!
Mint medley!
Yes, yes, yes! Love the soft hues of vintage blues as seen on the chippy cupboard above and the inside of this box. We just wanted to pass a little love around to you today, as you pass it on to others along the way!

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Brandon Woline said...

Love the Love Beads, the Trunks and all of you!