15 August 2012

A new display every day!

Things are rushing in and rushing out, and with all the hubbub, new displays are swishing all over the place!
Feelin' fine and fancy free, these two ladies are deemed the favorite customers of the day! Cute scarves and all - out for a day of adventure!
New shipments of amazing things have just arrived - like this worn styled terrarium in the perfect size.
Moon Shiners are a wonderful thing - solar lids for jars - a little romantic glow on a perfect summer evening.
Shelf city! New ways to see beloved things displayed.
We're feeling that late summer vibe around Sisters and Bloom.....cool hues, cooler temps, and the coolest things marchin' in...

1 comment:

lifespassion said...

I want that little green cabinet that is on the green table that is before the picture of the car :)