12 June 2012

We can.

We can BE and DO anything we put our minds and hearts to -
 This unbelievable mantel with center iron corbel was made in to a shelf...someone had a great vision and made it the way they would enjoy it.
 We can use beautifully intricate crocheted pieces and needlework as curtains, tablecloths, bed linens, pillows, gift wrapping and more...
 We can have FUN with the unexpected
 We can use a large buffet for a bathroom vanity, a dresser, an entry piece, or the inspiration for any room's decor
 We can bring back the past and make it relevant for today
 We can collect history, and share with others the beauty that makes up a collection
 We can be remembered as doers and creators and inspiration catchers
 Y? You ask...
Just because we can.

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