13 March 2012

What is that?

What is that? Oh this chippy paint, blue, high table would make the greatest island, work table, tall desk, or whatever! Scoot some awesome bar stools under and you're set! Oh, rosemary plants with fresh dirt...love that smell... What is that? Oh, retro slide reels - sure...we got some other ideas for 'em, too. New Parkhill Lanterns in!!!! Varying styles and sizes! LOVE THESE...ALWAYS!What is that? Cutie, whimsical iron handle for - WHAT IS THAT??!!!! You've got to be kidding me! Something like a pterodactyl dinosaur must have inhabited such a dwelling - this bird cage is the coolest - that thing must be large enough to hold a lady, four friends, and they're hand bags! What is that? Aahh, new life springs up.
What is that? No, seriously, what is that? Well, some surprises are waiting here for you!
What is that? Four leaf horse-shoe clovers are here for Saint Patrick! Luck of the Irish here at the stores all week for your shopping pleasure!

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