15 September 2011

Farm-Style Open House FEVER!

We wanted to give you an itsy-bitsy peek at our FARM-STYLE OPEN HOUSE starting TOMORROW from 10 am - 5 pm! Introducing...the Corn Chandelier! Owner Barb Hochstetler had the idea of a chandelier made out of corn because we want the Farm to meet Fashion in our own Sisters' way. But Deb Erb was a genius, super duper artist, amazingly talented, woman of impeccable skill, fantastically marvelling creative engineer for this glorious beast...she totally wins the prize!!!! You have to see the real deal!And look closely...cut glass, amber, drop prisms hang delicately between the corn cobs for an extra special touch of Farm meets Fashion...oh my, we're in love.

So many unbelievable scented soaps and incredible vintage finds are piling in the stores...
Hoo hoo...cutie patootie feathery white owls
Good FARM-STYLE stuff!
FARM-STYLE furnitures to use in so many ways Vibrant bittersweet, mums, gourds, and pumpkins we always love to bring in the season! We'll see you tomorrow from 10 - 5 and Saturday from 10 - 5 too!!! Many surprises you have to see to believe!


Tricia @ Vintage No. 35 said...

I love the corn chandelier! Fantastic!

Anita said...

yup, you"ll see me after school FRIDAY!

A Wild Thing said...

Barb, it is simply amazing...luv, luv, luv the veggie stand outside...are you gonna do a stir fry after the open house...ha!!!

It would be a shame to miss this one...hope the crowds are huge(they always are)!!!!!

Anita said...

I posted some pictures and a link on our blog...Great work!