05 April 2011

rusty & crusty...the outside lives!

Lovin' this spring weather and all the gifts the outside brings us - new growth, the rusty, the crusty and the oh, so wonderful!


A Wild Thing said...

Yes it lives, can you hear the frogs...oh glorious Spring!!! Love the grill, who knew!!!

See ya soon!

vikki said...

~♥Don'cha just LoVe how everything is greenin up? all your rusty & crusty looks sooo good! How did the voting turn out? still on the painting/staining doors project, may be done by CHRISTmas! they look wonderful tho...but hate having the smell & not used to someone else in the house... need to come & git my screendoor! mebbe Bill will be home one day & i can escape! {mebbe tomorrow?} take care & have a great week*end! hugs & blessings, vikki♥~

kath@retromantic antiques said...

So excited. We are coming to see you tomorrow! Can't wait to see all this loveliness for real.