03 March 2011

Flea Market Gardens includes us!

Welcome Flea Market Gardens - you know how to inspire creativity and we love it!

You'll find this very nice write-up they did on our stores on page 21! Thanks Flea Market Gardens!

This brand new magazine features page after page of awe-inspiring ideas for your outdoor home and garden!

When we tell you that this magazine is worth it, we mean it - full of colorful content - no ads to get in your way of being inspired . . .

Ideas, colors, pictures and one-of-a-kind pieces on each page to keep us swooning over this magazine! Thanks Flea Market Gardens - we love it!


Angela said...

Congratulations!! I bought and have really enjoyed the magazine!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful spread in that SUPER COOL magazine. I've got to look for that a really check you guys out! Sure wish I lived closer....maybe a road trip is in order. Happy Spring Ya'll

Tricia @ Vintage No. 35 said...

I saw you featured in the magazine. I just loved the magazine!

Prior said...

congrats! I almost bought it, but was being a penny pincher...Now, I am going back! Lezlee

vikki said...

~♥just bought the magazine today! how cool is that...seeing you in there!♥ it is a great magazine full of ideas! just like walking into your shops! ♥ soo good to have a magazine to look thru, especially when it has a lovely store like yours in it! ♥ will try to git there next week with some things, or the week after...soo happy for ya! hugs & blessings, vikki♥~

Simply Iowa said...

I'm Soooo Happy For You!!!!
I Hope it Brings You TONS OF PEOPLE!!!!!!!
It was Great to see you all....Yesterday... and GREAT to see your Stores Packed with PEOPLE!!!!
You Gals do an Amazing Job!
Love to Ya!!!
Barb C.

Simply Bungalow said...

Love this magazine. Congratulations for being a part of it. It's amazing.