08 October 2010

This week's SPECIAL

Our newly painted house is red - and red means STOP in!!! This week we want you to enjoy our gorgeous pumpkins at
50% OFF!!!
Come get your happy, scary, warty and wonderfully colored pumpkins and gourds of all sizes for half price!
We want you, our fabulous customers, to take full advantage of these orange, white, beige, pie, mini orange and mini white pumpkins, and our large and mini warty gourds - we love 'em all! And we know you do too!


Anonymous said...

I want one.............. if you have any left over after this weekend! :)
<3 britt

Simply Iowa said...

Oh Barb... I just read this... Those Mums, are AMAZING!!! The ones I got from you, weeks ago, are still blooming like Crazy! If you have any left... call me... I'd love several more!
{Thank You...so much...for Everything.... I Love You... my friend...My Sweetest Friend...}
Barb C.

Tamara Jansen said...

Hey, we did the very same thing at our retail.....5 dollar mums. Sold like CRAZY! Hope you had a great sale in the end

A Wild Thing said...

Yes, back atcha...it takes special friends to make it all worth while and we find them in the bestus of places...!

I ran into a picture this mornin' of that dried pumpkin covered in snow on my porch, thought of you and ALL of them punkins...hmmmm!!!

See ya next week sista!