09 March 2010

New and Lovely

Lanterns, lanterns, lanterns - so loved by you we have to keep getting them in - love 'em!

This cute retro dresser just got here - and linen curtain panels with sheer bird accents just had to be together.

Mouth-watering colors in this statue make us want to do everything to keep it just this way - ONE-of-a-kind . . .

We're putting out new cloches in various sizes - but hurry - they're going fast!

Virgin Mary statue in all her loveliness . . .

Fill our new lanterns with a little bit of everything . . . hydrangea and a nest . . . ah, life.

New Cavallini gift papers have arrived in so many wonderful artistic styles.

This black bar stool is - may we say - a beautiful thing!

So many new and amazing items in both stores right now - make a trip here to see it all!

1 comment:

k.wyse said...

ok so I will take one of everything...