12 September 2009

Feeling Distressed!

White, creamy ironstone . . . each piece one-of-a-kind.

This fabulous, old, white and green painted counter would be a perfect unique piece in the kitchen or bath . . . so much character!

Old, tarnished silver . . . love it!

This unbelievable window came, and sold just about as quickly! Oh my! . . . SOLD

Old, imperfect, wonderful mirrors of every shape, size and style . . . to reflect who you are.

Chippy paint furniture, statues, old doors and vibrant mums . . . we've got tons!

Love the distressed colorings on this kitchen cupboard . . . a beauty.

And the pumpkins a plenty . . . we have many shapes, colors and sizes it's so hard to decide which ones to take home!


Simply Iowa said...

Val and I truly loved our visit. The Stores and Lawn are amazing!Wish I could come to the Open House, but I'll be at Gold Rush, I'm sure it will be wonderful!
Have a Great Weekend!
Barb C.

Kris said...

why, oh why, does Kalona, Iowa have to be 6 hours and 37 minutes away from me? Maybe I'll be able to save some much needed vacation time up and do a road trip one of these days. Love your site!

Pam said...

Fall is in the air! The pictures are fabulous. Good luck with the Open House. Wish I could be there but I'll be heading to Texas.

Sammy Girl said...

Mmmm ... I just found you. Well, not that you were lost .... but I didn't know you were here - I mean there -- in Iowa. And why have I never been to Iowa? I clearly need to get there sometime for a visit! In the meantime I will try to come back as often as possible to read earlier posts and enjoy your lovely things.
Between now and a visit to Iowa I definitely need to look into a pickup truck or other vehicle for hauling things home to the Who Villa!
Thanks for so many beautiful things ...
Have a super open house!
Hugs -
Sammy Girl :)