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01 August 2012

Where Friends Meet Friends!

We love seeing friends - friends who plan a jaunt to see us, friends who come from miles away and meet here in the middle, friends who bump in to each other here with such surprise and joy - oh, a friend is a friend is a friend...
We've heard a few friends talking about this cutie! One of the sisters here made this lampshade out of muslin and vintage earrings - love it to pieces!
Pair of chairs ready for you and a friend to relax in and catch up a little...
A very vintage stack of plates - I guess that means it's time to have friends over...
This set of steamboat turquoise tumblers is just one of many sets of fun glasses ready for the perfect entertaining with friends...
This friendly little side table just made it into the stores today!
"Keep a green tree in your heart, and perhaps a singing bird will come..." - Perhaps in the form of a friend...
We can't wait to see you and your friends again - but just remember that if you come without one, this is a place where friends meet friends, and you'll always find one here!

1 comment:

lifespassion said...

Sooooo many things I love in your photos -wish we lived closer!