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07 August 2012

When it's too hot!

How to enjoy a hot summer's day, when you go outdoors and it's too hot to play - find treasures that inspire, things of which you will not tire...
Use a beautiful birdbath as decor without the water, unless it gets hotter, then add the water...
Flower pot saucers from Italy - we say absolut-ely!
Why be outside getting eaten by ants, when you could be decorating a new display with our bundles of money plants?!
We're always hunting for the greatest pieces with chippy paint, one-of-a-kinds that new stuff just ain't...
Get this huge and wonderful 2-piece cupboard for mama - and skip all the "What do I get her?" drama!
Get some vintage iron curtain brackets to draw your shades - when it's this hot, anything a little cooler is all the rage.
Have yourself a lovely day, and stop into Sisters' when it's too hot outside to play!

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