Upcoming Autumn Events

First Peek Fall Opening
Fri & Sat, September 9 & 10
and our
Fri & Sat, September 16 & 17
watch for more fun to come!

16 August 2016

So Much to Look Forward To!

Well la di da, and fiddle dee dee, we have TWO whole stores you must must see!
We've got so much to look forward to!
It's that time of year to make your ordinary EXTRA-ordinary!
We LOVE summer...and there's so much to LOOK FORWARD TO in the coming weeks!
Be watching the blog, Facebook, Instagram, and in-store for all the festivities coming up...we'll have EATS, drinks, punch cards, give-aways, drawings, and AMAZING finds!
Yep, you're gonna enjoy the all the fun...all for you! New surprises like punch cards, and all your autumn favorites will be here!
You'll have to call DIBS on your faves!
We'll see you soon! Treasure upon treasure upon treasure awaits! There's so much to look forward to at Sisters Garden and Bloom!!

19 July 2016

we LOVE summer

SUMMER'S in full BLOOM at SISTERS! We LOVE summer, and we're bringing in the goods right now! Stop by for surprises, surprises, surprises everywhere!

28 June 2016

It's Sum-Sum-Summertime at Sisters

It's a most wonderful time of year to be welcomed at Sisters Garden and Bloom!
Scents of the summer include Aloha Orchid...and seriously, we have so many more!
Bring the inside out and enjoy these warm days!
Use summertime goodies in your displays to surround yourself with happiness!
As you stroll, always stop to smell the roses...
It's sum-sum-summertime at Sisters!!!!

24 June 2016


SO many surprises await your arrival at Sisters Garden & Bloom this weekend!!!!! We mean surprises! Come linger Friday and Saturday, 10am-5pm both days!!!!
The inviting warmth of SUMMER is here at our TWO stores! Food, friends, floaties, and fabulous finds are HERE! Oh! This is FUN!!!!

23 June 2016

A Summer Open House Friday and Saturday!!!

Fabulous fun & food & floaties await! Our treats...on the house! Shop our Summer's Open House 
Friday, June 24th & Saturday, June 25th
10 am until 5 pm BOTH DAYS!!!
Splash on in to Sisters Garden and Bloom this weekend!!!!