Our Holiday Open House is Coming!!!

COLOR the WORLD Open House!
Friday and Saturday, November 17 & 18, 10am - 5pm both days
Our stores have begun transforming into the fabulous colors of the season! It's just around the corner, so keep checking back here, on Instagram, Facebook, and of course in store - for hints of our "COLOR the WORLD" Sisters Garden and Bloom merriment!

31 March 2017

Surprises Await!

is happening right now!!!!
Friday and Saturday, March 31 and April 1
10 am - 5pm BOTH DAYS!!!!
We just CAN'T give away all the surprises, but it'll be MUSIC to your ears (and eyes and nose)!
There will be TRANSFORMATIONS - you must come see!
There will be many, many finds to give you ideas for all of your SPRING REVIVALS!
There will be FRESH displays, FRESH plants in FULL BLOOM AND BEAUTY!
Your adventure begins here at SISTERS GARDEN AND BLOOM this weekend!
SURPRISES await around every single corner...and we can't give away all the excitement here online...you truly must come see all the SPRING TRANSFORMATIONS AND INSPIRATIONS in store this weekend, for our

25 March 2017

Spring is BLOSSOMING at Sisters Garden!

Oh, Spring Seekers and Garden Diggers! You MUST COME SEE!!! Our Spring Open House is next weekend:
Friday, March 31st and Saturday, April 1st
10am - 5pm BOTH DAYS
There will be so much FRESH happening, and we hope you can join us!
Our TWO stores will be blossoming with new displays, treats, drawings, and spring's life!
The snow has left, and hopeful buds are excited to see the world again!
It's definitely time for another Sisters' adventure, and don't forget to bring your friends! Shopping for unique finds is always more fun with more smiles, more hands and the best conversations!
Come for the springiest sensations...SISTERS STYLE!
Friday, March 31st and Saturday, April 1st
10am - 5pm BOTH DAYS