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20 February 2012


Hello! We wish you a WONDER-FULL day!Today at the stores, we're putting out goodies and watching other "wonders" find some great homes as they get wrapped up and hauled away!A wreath from old pages and random vintage numbers and letters...yes, wonder-full.Little birds to tweet, and a baby's napkin ring...so sweet!New findsin natural beauty...and grace.We love the wonder of simple architecture, simple lines, a simple palette...the shine and shape of the wonder of glass...a lovely box of matches, or the wonder-full way objects can be paired - to bring out the beauty in multitude of styles.

But here is our NEWEST WONDER to the Sisters' Garden family...Paxton John. May you be filled with wonder, and do wonder-full things in your life as you grow...You are a new wonder to this big wide world. Welcome, Paxton...Until the next time we meet, good-bye!


Air Bohemia said...

Great job kids, what a little angel and my,my, look at all that hair...but I must say he looks alot like his momma and his granny...congratulations all!!!

MEM said...

You find such wonderful treasures! We love to go on buying trips in Iowa....