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09 February 2012

GOOD Stuff Galore!

Well, we're piling in the stuff we love - the unique furniture, the new and the old, the pieces that make a statement, and the treasures that we take one glance at and instantly melt - oh, good stuff GALORE!Rhinestones and roses - a romantic pairOoohhh - cool green cupboard with character! Love it!Lots of cupboards, shelves, tables, and dressers - oh, the pleasure of treasure! And we MUST not miss telling you about the newest issue of Flea Market Style magazine just in! Oh the ideas, the creations, the colors, the GOOD STUFF GALORE!


A Wild Thing said...

Love the new header, WOW...can't wait to come up, I'm having withdrawels!!! I'll see ya this morning with bouquets of new soap scents...come on SPRING!!!

Jennifer said...

so many great things - can't wait to get out and search for my "look" when I move! jenn jennsthreegraces