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14 January 2012

There is beauty within...

We love the art of repurposing - like this cook stove that would be such a cool potting table, bathroom vanity, entertainment center, and more! Just take it apart and fix it up so it becomes a one-of-a-kind piece no one else will have!New beauty in a cutie green swing seat...Wooly up your vases for flowers, candles, or a new pack of freshly sharpened pencils because it's COLD outside!This gorgous, old door has the most amazing etched window with soaring birds - a beautiful welcome for guests.We love an old shopping cart - great for storing fluffy blankets and pillows in the family room or guest room, or containing a great array of gift wrapping items, or a funky hamper - there'll be no excuse to get those clothes to the laundry room on wash day when it's fun to wheel it down the hallway!We enjoy the challenge of discovering the new purpose for a found object - diggin' in, cleanin' up and redisplaying as we find the new beauty within...

1 comment:

Linda said...

Love the old stove too..I agree it would make a great potting table...:)